Plans and prices

Each case is different and each need specifies. Not all languages ​​are the same and depending on the translation pair their actual usage can be very diverse. The format of the documents and the purpose of the translation may vary from client to client.

Therefore, from Opentrad we offer a range of different services, products and marketing models to adapt to your needs.

Translate free

Start right now


  • Translates texts and web pages without limitation of words.


Individual Plan

for documents up to 5Mb


  • Translate documents in different formats keeping the format.
  • Accessible Service accessible from our website.


Rental Services

Flexibility and power


  • Thanks to our API you can integrate the automatic translation into your applications.
  • Translate the contents of your website, chat or any other service.
  • Customize the dictionary and improve the quality of your translations by including your own terminology. (Budget separately)
  • Rate 10


  • 99€/month
  • Limit of 10,000 words per month
  • Rate 20


  • 155€/month
  • Limit of 20,000 words per month
  • Maxi Rate


  • 399€/month por un idioma.
  • Extra language 20% more.
  • Limit of 500,000 words per month


Opentrad Premium Server

Complete solution


  • Installation of the Translation Server Opentrad
  • Tailor-made customization (1,000 terms)
  • Online Tools:
  • Translation of texts
  • Documents traduction
  • URL Translation
  • Server Tools:
  • Integration API
  • Dynamic Folders
  • Email translation
  • User tools:
  • Plug-in Microsoft Word
  • Plug-in Browsers
  • 29.900€
  • 6,000 € / year of maintenance


You have doubts?

If you are not clear which Opentrad best suits your needs, contact our sales department and we will study your case in a personalized way.

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