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Start using the translator

In the web version of the Opentrad translator, you can translate text, websites and documents while maintaining the formatting between 8 languages.

Translate text

You can type in the text box or paste the content directly. As you type, or by pressing the TRANSLATE button, the text is sent to Opentrad to be translated.

The result will appear in the target language text box, from where you can copy it using the Copy button.

Translate websites

From the text and web translation option, simply type or paste the URL you want to translate. Click on the TRANSLATE button and the URL of the translated website will appear in the target language text box. Click on the URL and navigate over the translation.

Translate documents

In Opentrad you can not only translate text and URLs, but you can also upload documents and translate them keeping their original format. In its free version you can translate documents up to 5MB. In this new version we have improved the interface to make it easier for you to translate more than one document at a time.

To translate documents, select the Translate Documents option and indicate the source and target language. Then drag the file you want to translate over the box, or click on it to select the document from the file system. Once the document is uploaded, click the TRANSLATE button. When the translation is finished, you will be able to download the translated document.

If you have uploaded more than one document, click the TRANSLATE button again to perform the same process with the next document.

Opentrad supports the following formats:

  • .doc and .docx
  • .xls and .xlsx
  • .ppt and .pptx
  • .odt
  • .ods
  • .html and .xml
  • .txt

Integrations with other applications

How to integrate Opentrad into other applications

Opentrad has an API to integrate automatic translation into other applications. This service is paid, please check the rates or contact us at

CAT Tools

Opentrad has a plug-in for Trados Studio. This service is paid, please check the rates or contact us at

Linguistic aspects

What languages does it translate? There are other translators that have more languages

Opentrad is a translation platform that was originally created to provide a solution for the translation of regional languages, being the only system that allowed quality translation. Today, our goal is to expand the service by incorporating new translation pairs and new services such as software localisation or proofreading.

Opentrad allows you to translate:

  • Spanish-Galician
  • Spanish-Catalan / Balearic Catalan
  • Spanish-Portuguese / Brazilian Portuguese
  • English-Spanish
  • English-Galician
  • English-Catalan
  • Spanish-French
  • Portuguese-Galician
  • Portuguese-Catalan
  • Spanish-Asturian
What are Unknown Words?

This option allows the translator to mark the words it does not know. You will find it useful for proofreading the translation.

What does a word underlined in blue mean?

Underlined words may appear in the text translation, indicating that they are words that are not detected by the translator. If you want to remove them, simply uncheck the Unknown words checkbox.

Opentrad is the leading platform for open source automatic translation services.

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